Green Magnolia Wreath

Made from real magnolia leaves that have been glycerined and dyed. Leaves are a shiny, dark hunter green in color. These wreaths should be used inside, because if they are exposed to moisture they will mildew and the color will bleed.

Small – $65.00 (plain)          

Medium – $90.00 (plain)      

Large – $165.00 (plain)       


Decorated Magnolia Wreath:

 Custom Decorated Magnolia Wreath



Small – Starting from $95.00

Medium – Starting from $115.00

Large – Starting from $195.00






Dried Grass Wreath 

Dried Bear Grass WreathMade from real ornamental grasses, they dry to a beautiful sage green and will last many years inside and outside. Outside, the color will lighten somewhat, however, it will still be beautiful. These wreaths come plain or decorated with hydrangea, roses, ferns and even a bird if you like.

Small – $60.00 (plain)  

Medium – $76.00 (plain)

Large – $90.00 (plain)

For larger wreaths, please call for a quote. 


Decorated Grass Wreaths:

Small – Starting from $78.00

Medium – Starting from $90.00

Large – Starting from $115.00




Dried Salal Wreath

Decorated Salal WreathMade from dried salal (lemon leaf) leaves. Decorated with hydrangea, roses, ferns and magnolia leaves if desired. Best when used inside. Can be used on an outside door that is covered and protected, but will loose some of its color.

Medium – $95.00

For larger wreaths, please call for a quote.









Small – $48.00 (plain)

Medium – $60.00 (plain)

Large – $95.00

For a larger swag, call for a quote.


Decorated Swags:

Small – Starting from $58.00

Meduim – Starting from $75.00

Large – Starting from $115.00




Candle Topper


Candle Topper – $48.00

 (Price doe s not include candlestick)













Grass Balls

_mg_1683Grass Balls – $18.00









Grapevine Wreath

Decorated Double Grapevine Wreath



Please call for a quote as there are many sizes available.







Custom Floral Arrangements

Please call for a quote.




***** Custom and larger sized items are available for certain wreaths. Prices are subject to change and do not include shipping and handling. Shipping is usually handled by UPS.*****